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Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game and all of it's associated original writings and characters are copyright 1994 White Wolf and Capcom, respectively. The appearance of trademarked character names (Ryu, Zangief, etc.) is purely incidental as an occurence of citing the aforementioned original writings. Maneuvers written by others, as cited throughout the site, are copyright their respective writers. All original maneuvers, custom rulesets, modifications, and other edits are copyright 2008-2011 Lady Abaxa. They may not be reprinted without my express permission but may be used for personal gaming needs. In other words don't rip off this site and claim my work as your own. A link-back and credit can go a long way! If you have any questions about using my work just ask.

I do not, in any way, shape, or form, claim ownership of any material copyrighted by others as outlined in the preceeding paragraph. Text reprinted from White Wolf sourcebooks is only done so in order to edit and clarify and is in no way intended for any financial gain (of which this website generates none). I cannot, nor will I, provide digital copies of sourcebooks or any of the material contained therein except in the form of excerpts which are absolutely necessary for this site to function. Those looking for such books would be better served by checking eBay or other online auction sites. Other White Wolf sourcebooks as well as adaptations from other print media games are your own responsibility to track down.

I have no control over the ads printed on these pages. Those are entirely a function of Tripod's automated ad generator. If an ad bothers you please direct ire at them. As such, should a malicious link appear in an ad there is nothing I can do about it. Always exercise careful judgement about following links and make sure you know where you are going before clicking.

Thank you, that is all. Have a nice day!